Get Enthralled By The Vivid LED Tron Dance Show

India is one of the most diverse and exciting country you can ever visit. The different culture and traditions which are present in this subcontinent will surely enthrall you. One of the most interesting features that are present in all the diverse traditions is dance. Yes! Every culture that is present in this country has [...]

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An Insight Into The Exciting World Of Punjabi Tron Dance

India is the land of diverse cultural and tradition and, each tradition has their own dance form. Punjab is famous for its Bhangra. Well, as per the advancement in the technology now it is mixed with the dance too. Unlike, the traditional Bhangra the new Tron dance is gaining more attention in the world due [...]

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The Glowdiators Saudi Arabia’s performance 2018

The Glowdiators is a very popular Tron dancers India group which is based in Delhi. We, as a dance group present different dance performances on different occasions and are very popularly known for our very own unique concept of LED dance performances. We use an extremely good combination of art, creativity and technology. Our unique [...]

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The Glowdiators- Corporate Event

Dancing is something that can make you happy even at your worst and make others happy too, this art is so graceful in itself, that expresses the feelings of anything by human movements on certain rhythm, these days the fusion of modern culture and Indian culture is commonly seen through number of Dance forms performed by [...]

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