The Glowdiators – LED Dance Group Master Magicians

"To dance is to associate one's own particular personality and body to the spirit". Dancing isn't an action but a workmanship, not only a word, rather the word which grows. While it's an escape from the day by day hustle-clamor of the lives for a few, a recreational side interest for a few, not one [...]

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Rediscover – The Epic: The Glowdiators ‘Tron Act’

The romanticism built by the artists of our country around Truth and Goodwill has never gone out of fashion. Our country has given birth to many great dancers and dance groups in Delhi who have demonstrated that art can be used to sustain the spiritual symbolism of the country’s ancient epics. One of the greatest and [...]

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Marketing and Changing Times Time has changed relentlessly and continues to do so as we speak. And with time, changed how people looked at advertising and marketing campaigns. Contemporary strategies build around the needs of audience has gained a momentum and the existing orthodoxy in branding and advertising is on a significant decline. Dance group [...]

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Marketing Your Brand in Style | LED Tron Dance Company India

Marketing via LED Tron Dance? What kind of Marketing is that? Let's go back in time, Marketers used to advertise their Products through Hoardings, Billboards and the likes. Today, how many hoardings do you look at? Let alone how much you read and make of it. As a matter of fact, we even skip advertisements [...]

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A Dance Company India for the Corporate Brand Promotion Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for an extraordinary form of brand promotion? Are you audacious enough to be different from your competitors? Congratulations if you are reading this blog, because you have come to the right place. We are a team of exceptional dance performers [...]

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The group of individuals extending between, 5-14 is based and functional in the two major cities of India, i.e. Delhi and Mumbai and are flexible travelling all around the globe with bells on to deliver the lifetime experience to our clients. Serve our clients providing exclusive and customized content.

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The Glowdiators has thoughts, assets and administration to think, arrange and execute the distinctive characters that won’t not have found in this specific workmanship ever some time recently. Being it anecdotal character or cutting edge one, ‘The Glowdiators’ can bring the best in front of an audience to satisfy your need of expression.

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In 1982, Hollywood launched a movie with a title: ‘TRON’. The American sci-fi action and adventure film composed and coordinated by Steven Lisberger, in light of a story that portrays Jeff Bridges as a computer program developer who is transported inside the product universe of a centralized server PC where he interfaces with program in [...]

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