Do you want to drift away from convention and make your event stand out as remarkable? Ditch the age-old methods of hiring a regular dance troupe to perform in your events. How about a Tron Dance Troupe? Owing to their uniqueness and mad dancing skills, Tron Dance Crews can be a highlight for your event. For any concert, fest, carnival or commercial promotion, they have largely replaced the conventional dance troops and made an impact on the audience.


Glowdiators tron show

About “The Glowdiators”

In this field of tron dancing, “The Glowdiators” has earned great renown. With its roots in Delhi, The Glowdiators is the best LED Tron dance crew in India. Their reputation speaks for their quality. They have performed in a number of notable company events as well as shows, fests, and reality shows. The Glowdiators had performed in a fest in Biratnagar, Nepal on 29th December, 2018. They had showcased their talent by performing acts like MJ Tron and Alien Tron and had mesmerized the audience. One can witness in their performance the excellence of technology merged with outstanding skills. With each performance, they aim at cooking up the standards and deliver ever better acts the next time they are on stage!

MJ Style LED Tron dance show

(Source : The Glowdiators MJ Style LED Tron dance show at BTE 2018, Nepal)


10 Signs Why You Need To Consider Hiring A Tron Dance Crew To Highlight Your Event

  1. Opt a new method of promoting your business. Turn the dull, old promotional event into something eye-catching by arranging an LED Tron Dance Show by the best Tron dance India crew. They can exhibit the name of your brand using LEDs and their mind-blowing illusions or wear the logo of your brand on their costume.
  2. LED Tron dance is unique and visually appealing.
  3. The Glowdiators has the best dancers. The dancers incorporate the use of laser beam in order to exhibit their talent.
  4. Their services are versatile. They can provide everything ranging from Bollywood and Western dance to Wedding dance. All you need to do is mention your preference. The crew will take care of the rest and work untiringly to make your event a grand success.
  5. Their level of determination and commitment is unmatched.
  6. They are extremely energetic and passionate. Every time they are on stage, they tent to blow the minds of their audience and amuse them to the core.
  7. They make innovative and new contents every time. They make sure that the moves they use in an event is highly distinct from the ones they used in the previous event so that their acts don’t get monotonous.
  8. Their choreography team can customize any act in such a way that it will revolve solely around your event.
  9. Once you avail their service, they can make your event stand out, leaving a long-lasting impression on the audience.
  10. Lets not beat around the bush. The Glowdiators is the best Tron dance India Group.

Indian LED dance group at nepal

The LED Tron Dance Costume

The costumes of the dancers are made of plastic pieces which are very firm. This makes a skeleton for the costume. After that, LED lights are attached to this plastic frame. The purpose of the plastic frame is to make sure that the suit is rigid enough so as to support the lights and hence, making it suitable for dancing.

The costume, however, isn’t very heavy. It is also very flexible and thus, it doesn’t restrict the movements of the dancer in any manner. The dancers, however, put on a thin pair of pants and a t-shirt underneath the suit in order to avoid any form of discomfort.

With the efforts of skilled technicians and super talented dancer combined together to build a connection between light, sound, and dance, LED tron dance shows are a perfect choice for any event.