Dance performances using beautiful LED, LASER and TRON lights are new trend setter in the country. So are The Glowdiators, winning everybody’s hearts and capturing everyone’s minds with their unique and amazing LED Dance performances. The Dance crew is famous to portray breath-taking visuals, amazing storylines and brilliant sound effects to make their performances inspired by unique creative tactics.
Michael Jackson ( MJ) Style tron dance is an Innovative LED Dance India. it’s also popular creative dance act all over the world . It takes more than dance proficiency to map style with tech in this dance performances. The LED Dance Group “The Glowdiators” has also performed it as one of their crew’s special Pro performance that They are also famous as MJ (Michael Jackson)Tron Dance Group of India.


The Dance group performs several Indian dance styles using LED, Bhangra Dance, MJ Style Tron Dance, NEON and LASER lights dance. They aim at becoming the most creative and innovative dance crew in the country. The Team of Light dancers (The Glowdiators) has target to master art and achieve levels of perfection. TRON Dance acts are the one which makes this dance group to stand out from other domestic dance group and give a place and a healthy comparison with all international tron dancers.
By Converting passion into profession, This young group is more focused on grabbing Audience’s heart by their performance. Crew have performed a variety of dance acts such as Alien Tron Act, Michael Jackson Tron, Tron Bhangra Act, LED Tron Mapping, Pixel POI, Mythology Tron act, Dragon Tron Act, and many more but our major priority is all about creating a mesmerizing experience for audience.
If you have a new year’s Corporate event planned up so The Glowdiators are the best contact to perform for your upcoming events. So far they have performed in theme based events, at mythology events,Talent Hunt Openings or showdown performances, brand and product launches, award shows, corporate events, etc.
The Glowdiators is one of the best Dance companies in India for corporate events. The crew is passionate towards their craft and work hard to find ways to attract the audience with it. Connect with glowdiators for your next event at +91-9871052032 or email them at