India is the land of diverse cultural and tradition and, each tradition has their own dance form. Punjab is famous for its Bhangra. Well, as per the advancement in the technology now it is mixed with the dance too. Unlike, the traditional Bhangra the new Tron dance is gaining more attention in the world due to the ultimate blend with the technology. You must have seen Bhangra LED Dance performance for events in many places or at national and international stages. But, many people are still not aware with this new dance form.
What is Tron Bhangra Dance?
Tron Bhangra dance is the new twisted way of the Punjabi folk dance Bhangra. Glowdiators is the Best Punjabi Tron dance India team who bought some unique concept to give awestruck moments to individuals. Well, the original connection of light and sound make this dance form unique. Costumes incorporated with the LED lights are the centre of the attraction. The most vital part of the entire presentation is the tech balance behind this which is controlled by the tron act dancers. This is also one of the toughest dance forms as to synchronies the lights with the music is really appealing to audience.
What are the types of Tron Dance performed?
As we know, there are hundreds of dance form in the world and the innovative Tron dance India itself has many types. The Glowdiators dance team has showcased the beautiful art of Tron dance and introduced new Tron dance styles to the Indian society which includes:

1: Laser man Show
2: MJ Style Tron Dance
3: Tron Bhangra
4: Visual Pixel Poi
5: Visual Tron
6: LED Drummers
7: Bollywood Tron
8: Robots
9: Tron LED dance
10:Interactive Act
11:Creative LED Dance Show
12:Customize acts


Every form has its own mesmerizing factor and the team lefts no stone unturned with the energetic and mind-blowing moves.
Why Bhangra Tron dance is popular than traditional Bhangra?
Whether it is a Tron dance or traditional Bhangra both have the same moves but, the only difference between the two is in the presentation. There are some reasons which will depict why tron dance is more popular than the traditional Bhangra dance form.
Use of visual: The costume is attached with visuals which give it a quite unique look. Now, it becomes the identity of the dancers. Generally, there are three types of costumes used in Bhangra Tron performance India such as EI Wire costumes, LED analogue suits and LED digital suits.

The suspense in numbers: Due to the whole dark background, it is really hard to identify the number of the dancers performing on the stage. Dancers reveal their identity one by one to make it interesting.
Skills: All dancers are highly proficient in terms of dancing, LED mapping with dance steps and performing the perfect show in front of audiences. They do have immense expertise in doing the LED shows at the national and international stage.
Technical advancement: At the time of the show, every dancer needs to use various kinds of hardware and software. Apart from that, the controllers play the main part in this dance performance. The toughest job in the show does by the controllers as they have to synchronize with the beat of the song in the real time.
That’s all folks about the innovative Tron Bhangra Dance act which makes your event audience to provide never forgotten visual experience. We, The Glowdiators performs in all Indian and international corporate, social & media events. For Booking reaches us at 9871052032 or connect us at