We are The Glowdiators. Automatically making the music dance to our electrified tunes, watching the official face of Dance Company India has proven to be a treat to look at for many. Have you set eyes on us yet?


We have been attracting a lot of fan heat lately, due to which we have been travelling almost every day and night. Our forte; LED Tron Dance, has made us the talk of various metropolitan towns and even the country as a whole! Some of the places we recently were on stage included Mumbai, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Noida, Kannauj, Jamshedpur. Not to forget, we have even ‘round-tripped’ a few!


In the past year, more than one Dance Group in Delhi has tried reaching out to us, attempting to collaborate or share the stage with us. It’s comforting to get to know that the dance forms other than the Tron Dance have intrigued the young blood! Having performed at various events all across India, we have arrived at the conclusion that ‘Every Stage is Divine’ and we must treat it so. Be it our Bhangra Tron, MJ Tron or Pixel POI,  we pay equal respect to each spotlight that illuminates us, while we own the audience and the respective arena at the same time. We are factotums!

It’s always risky dancing in the illuminated Diode suits. Using the same technology in bodysuits is yet another level of innovation executed. But, the opportunity is worth the cheers and appreciations we receive post-performance. The audience loves our acts and that’s something we aim for. They understand that we symbolise creativity. Even a single body part out of coordination would look asymmetrically ill-matched! We put in our sweat and sleep to make it engage appealingly enough. Well, we have been rooted to the ground in the past. And that won’t change when we surpass the title of the best Dance Company India  and become one of the most talked about crews in the world.


We elevate our own standards every time we take on stage. Due to our infinite perseverance, we are able to score a success and outshine our competition with each act! That’s what we are! Unique in every performance. You miss a performance, you miss an opportunity to watch the Tron Dance being carried out by the best LED Tron Dance Company India braiding different dance genres together. Michael Jackson is a genre in itself. Imagine what we could perhaps, produce and the originality of those artifactually choreographed dance moves! We have been in existence since 2007. More than a handful years of sweat-soaking struggle has made us accustomed to the set threshold of hard work. We rank among the top 3 when looked upon LED Tron Dance Delhi NCR.


Dance rapports a triangular bridge between one’s soul, mind and heart. It’s more a therapy than just shaking a leg. For us, it’s a getaway. Thereby, we do not over-strive to put in the effort to keep you all anticipating and amazed. Who knows! Maybe, this could be the reason behind our success stories which are already being jotted down in the most esteemed books that talk history! We feel on cloud nine, to be the best Dance Company India, and we are unhatched duck eggs without your support.