We, The Glowdiators are the new age outlaws and one of the top LED Dance Group Delhi,  India. Due to our diamond cutting hard work, we have been able to achieve an India-wide reach. Having performed at various events in different cities throughout the longitudinal and latitudinal lines across India, we professionally adore it when a performance comes together. We have been able to pull off some extremely dangerous moves in our unique selling proposition LED Tron Dance acts. We have been cordially invited to grace some major events in cities like Mumbai, Gurugram, Noida and many more leading cities of India.

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. On the 3rd of February this year, we were requested to perform at a grand event that takes place on a yearly basis; Sulzer. The event was hosted at Hotel Renaissance in the suburbs of Powai, Mumbai. It is a 5 STAR accommodation serving both business and leisure. We were asked to offer something classy. We portrayed our LED Tron Act accompanied by the evergreen Michael Jackson Tron Dance. What could be classier than them! It was one of our best performances ever and was equally applauded.

Gurgaon extends a list of world-renowned MNCs. Meeting their standards was a task. Also, ‘luxurifying’ ourselves with the level of excellence of Hotel Giants – The Leela was a challenge we accepted for we hike the temperatures wherever we go. The 13th of February saw us dance and perform the Tron Dance. Other than being the prime LED Tron Dance Company,  India, we surprised the audience with a Bhangra Tron which was woohoo-ed and relished by our respected audience. Every time we take the stage, we choose no option other than giving the audience more than what they already expect, starting from the moment the lights are out! After the cheers and bravos, I reckon we achieved overwhelmingly well an opulence.

Following Mumbai and Gurgaon, we then entered The City of Nawabs – Lucknow. The 17th of this year’s February witnessed us perform at the Hotel Ramada in Lucknow. The organizers had seen our similarly enacted, previous performances but we worked day in-day out to bombshell them with more than a dozen newly discovered moves which awed the organizers followed by the Audience on the day of performance! We would love to visit Lucknow again as we have bids and offers already raining in! The LED Dance Group, India will see you soon, Lucknow!

Best Dance Group in Delhi

Due to our utter dominance in Dance Company Delhi NCR, on the 9th of this March, we were requested to punch the clock and roll into Hotel Radisson, Noida. Some of our team members couldn’t join us at the event. But The Glowdiators are dance crew comprising of men keeping their words. We performed an audience engaging Trio Tron Act. The word was that we outperformed our own full team performance. Out spirit was appreciated as we didn’t back out of the event “Global Logic: The League Extraordinaire” being held at The Radisson. We never back down, rather push ourselves upwards! Which is why we are the best LED Dance Group in Delhi India.

Following our quick visit to Noida, we rushed as we had to perform in Kannauj the next day. Working on bringing off something new and extravagant, we could not afford to sleep all night, rather, we chose to sweat through the night. Inputs like these make is one of the best  LED Tron Dance Company India.  We were to perform in a privately held event at the Shri Sant. Due to unavailability of our full team, we chose our to enact our Trio Tron Dance Act. the word in the town is that we set new standards every time we take on the stage. So, we did make it look even easier this time.

Jamshedpur loves us and we love it back. It showed us the warm affection when we visited the place on the 16th of March this year. Having performed at several annual fests across India, we were devoted to NIT this time. Their annual fest goes by the name Ojjas and we did not want to miss the opportunity to perform at a fest with such grandeur. The early life young blooded audience was enthralled with our Tron Dance act. We surprised them further with our Pixel Poi Performance. Being the top LED Tron Dance Group in Delhi India, the audience at Ojjas’18 was more than convinced and they let us know that with noise and whistles!

On the 22nd March, we headed back to The City That Never Sleeps; Gurgaon. It was our second time we reviewed the place. This time we staged our Tron Dance and Pixel POI at the Inland Farms. This event was the second privately held event we graced with our presence at. The venue was a recreational site generally brimming with traffic on weekends. We manifested the above-mentioned performances with utter ease and even the children loved our stagings.

We would come up with more details on each of the aforesaid venues while we add more on our list in the approaching future.

For more updates about our recent performance venues stick around and for the next blog! Till then, check out our videos on YouTube: https://goo.gl/Hc5sNf