The romanticism built by the artists of our country around Truth and Goodwill has never gone out of fashion. Our country has given birth to many great dancers and dance groups in Delhi who have demonstrated that art can be used to sustain the spiritual symbolism of the country’s ancient epics.
One of the greatest and the most widely celebrated ancient epics in our country is The Ramayana. The epic poem narrates the struggle of the divine prince Rama to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana. Valmiki, a Hindu sage, beautifully narrates the life of the great prince of the Kosala Kingdom.

‘Rediscover – The Epic’ is a series of collaborations done by various artists and dance groups from the country to celebrate the beautiful ancient epics of our nation.

The sanctity of the Royal Opera House in Mumbai inspired us, The Gladiators, to prepare something larger than ourselves – a challenge in itself. And when it comes to performing on the Ramayana, the margin of error shrinks even more.
There is a saying ‘To be an artist is to believe in life’. This article is about how we used our art to bring the beliefs into real life; performing to showcase the relentless search for truth and the associated struggles.

Three days of relentless hard work and brainstorming every single day brought us to a position at which, the fight between the Demon King Ravana and Righteous Prince Ram was performed at its finest. The choreography was so involved and intense that it took us multiple rehearsals to perfect the performance and our overall coordination. The music chosen for the performance required extensive research which was accomplished within time.
Leading a vigorous struggle or military expedition bounds to raise the following three questions – How difficult will it be? How long will it take? And will it be a success?

It took twenty-four thousand verses for Valmiki to describe Rama’s struggle for truth and victory over the King of Lanka, Ravana. That clearly answers the ‘How Long’ of the expedition. But when it comes to the rest of the two, can one provide a definite answer?
The ancient history is filled with stories which show that time and again the ignorant has challenged the ultimate Truth and has troubled it with their naivety. And with ignorance comes egotism, which makes it even more difficult.
The question about difficulty is relative. The motto of the struggle and the final destination of the expedition determine the enthusiasm of a person. When it comes to rescuing someone who’s close to the heart and defines your being, it becomes imperative to forget the troubles involved and get on with the struggle. Rama’s expedition is an example for the same in its truest form.

‘Truth can be challenged, but it can never be defeated.’

Success is an opinion. Surely, the statement is arguably one of the boldest, but it is an undeniable truth. Was rescuing Sita a success? Absolutely. But can one call destroying the city of Lanka a success? For the religious aficionados like us, it might be; it was the kingdom of the Demon King, Ravana. But for Ram, the righteous man ever, it was not. His struggle involved rescuing his wife, but destroying the city of gold, Lanka, cannot be justified in his wisdom.
Many artists have taken inspiration from the struggles of the prince, and the victory of Good over Evil. So have we. Developing a dance performance around this ancient epic has evolved us into a better dance group in Delhi.
Performing ‘Tron Act’ on Ramayana brought us even more close to understanding how tough it must have been for Lord Rama to go through the trials and struggles he’d had to face.
We are proud that we could contribute to our community of artists through ‘Tron Act’ on Ramayana. Rediscover – The Epic brought many artists together and kept the audience on the edge of their seats.
‘An artist may die, but the art goes on to live forever.’ We are inspired by this statement and every single performance that we do, we perform to leave a legacy. It’s the performances like ‘Rediscover’ that makes our art larger than life.
Many dance groups in Delhi strive to reach the summit but do not understand one simple principle of building a successful performance. It’s the Process. The process of building a successful dance group in Delhi or even a small performance requires being hard working and patient.
The expedition of Rama brought us to this epiphany that it’s not about how big your dance group is. It’s about how well you understand the performance and process that goes behind it. You have to believe in the story to bring it to real life.
We believed in Lord Rama and his quest to fight against evil that our performance received a standing ovation.
Lord Rama didn’t just save Sita, he even inspired many artists like us to rediscover our own talents and capabilities to spread goodwill and hope.