Marketing via LED Tron Dance? What kind of Marketing is that?

Let’s go back in time, Marketers used to advertise their Products through Hoardings, Billboards and the likes. Today, how many hoardings do you look at? Let alone how much you read and make of it.

As a matter of fact, we even skip advertisements over the internet as soon as we encounter one. Waiting desperately to skip ads on YouTube (yes, we know).

The problem is that we live in an era where people are bombarded with advertisements everywhere. From Ads on Streets and Hoardings to Email and Facebook, you name it. Resulting in which Mankind has now trained themselves to ignore advertisements, whatsoever!

Sure, there are few ads that really catch the eye, but we’re talking about the majority here.

Catch Attention and Market Your Brand/Product

Successful Marketing consists of a lot of variables but talking at a very fundamental level, you need to:

1. Attract the attention of the Audience, and

2. Deliver the value of your Product/Brand

Only when you can attract your audience’s attention, you will be able to demonstrate your Product or Brand successfully. Then comes all the other variables in the picture…

Here is the game!

We, at Glowdiators, attract your audience like no other. With a unique dance concept where we use LED Lights to light up our bodies and create interesting illusions combined with rhythm and music, there is no way someone will not pay attention to us.


Then, once the audience is engaged in our performance, we feature your Brand and/or your Product. That’s why, Investing in Glowdiators is a such a great Marketing channel.

Notice how we used the word “feature” instead of display because that is exactly what we do. We don’t just display your Product, we market it. Molding our performance around the theme of your Brand/Product and selecting the desired music that goes along – making sure it looks compelling to the audience.

We are LED Dance Group in Delhi which comprises of Dance specialists who help Brands in marketing their Products/Brand.

LED Tron Dance Company India: A Team of Magicians

led tron dance company

We believe that Marketing is as creative as Dance can be. Both of the subjects are a form of expression and only passionate people can deal with them. Which is ultimately the very nature of our work.

Meet Our LED Tron Dance Group In Delhi Team

Our Performance at VISA, Bangalore

Here is a good example of how we depict the story of your Brand/Product.

We were recently asked to perform for the VISA, in Bangalore. They requested us to build our Act in a way that would make their audience understand the hard work and success of the Brand. It required us to be well-scripted in order to meet the high standards of VISA Brand.

We built our entire performance script from the scratch and delivered a phenomenal performance which conveyed the success story of VISA via storytelling. The audience was not just thrilled and astonished, they enjoyed our act from the bottom of their hearts.

Our LED Tron Dance Company India has performed for various other Brands including Gennext, Baxalta, Royal Opera House, and FBB.

Masterpiece ’18’, Dubai

We knew our performances have even reached out of boundaries when we were invited to perform at Masterpiece ’18’ in Dubai.

This event brings together the most sage artists from all over the World to perform and showcase their skills. Such exposures keep our mind sharp and provide us with the opportunity to keep thinking more on our Tron Dance Acts.

FBB Miss Femina 2k17

Working with celebrities isn’t new for us. We have choreographed and performed with many TV starts like Hemant Pandey, Usha Uthup, Saroj Khan and Kabir Bedi.

Our LED Tron Dance Group in Delhi were called by FBB Miss Femina 2K17 which was held in YRK Studios, Mumbai. There, we choreographed and performed with actor Sushant Singh Rajput with the concept which we introduced and was first ever thought of in India. We call it “HeadTron”.

Sarai Carnival, Bhatinda

Our Led Tron Dance Company India was invited to give a week-long performance in Bhatinda for Sarai Carnival. Apparently, We, The Glowdiators were one of the main attractions of the show.

Here, we gave showcases based on Indian Mythology act. We designed everything from the scratch, from the costume to act. And, it was definitely all well worth in the end since we were awarded and admired by the District Magistrate and Officials in the event.


The Glowdiators: LED Tron Dance Company India

Our main agenda is always to cater to what’s required. As professionals in our work, we choose not to bring you into our world, rather we choose to go into your world. We choose to do what is required for your Brand to succeed, for your products to sell.

And of course, we do it in style and we do it like no other. Our past performances must’ve given you an idea about how we approach projects differently and aim to leave a difference through our work.